Clerk Treasurer's Office

Village Billing

  • The Village’s Fiscal Year is from June 1 to May 31.
  • All village tax, water usage and sewer usage bills are billed annually on June 1.


Village Taxes

  • Village taxes are due without penalty on June 30.
  • Be aware of these dates even if your taxes are held in escrow and paid by a bank. Any bills that remain unpaid on November 1 will be sent to the county and will appear on your Town of New Scotland tax bill in January, along with additional penalties.


Water Usage Bills

  • Water usage bills are due without penalty on July 31.
  • A minimum payment is billed in advance for 20,000 gallons; any overage is billed the following year.


Sewer Bills

  • Sewer bills (for District 1 and District 2) are due without penalty on July 31, October 31, January 31 and April 30.
  • Quarterly payments are a convenience; sewer bills can be paid in full at any time during the Fiscal Year.


Regulations & Important Notices

  • Be aware that homeowners are responsible for all Village bills and timely payment - even if they do not receive the bill in the mail. Please call our office if your bills have not arrived by June 10.
  • Villages are not authorized to “forgive” delinquent charges or penalties. Per the state constitution, this would be considered a gift of public funds. Please do not ask us to waive a late penalty.
  • Any water and sewer bills that remain unpaid as of May 1 will be relevied to your June 1 Village taxes along with additional fees and penalties.


Handicap Permits

Village residents can obtain Handicap Parking Permits, forms are available on DMV website and must be filled out with appropriate signatures prior to coming to Village Hall.


Local Licenses & Permits

The Town of New Scotland will administer the following licenses and permits on behalf of Voorheesville residents:

  • Licenses: Conservations (hunting, fishing), marriage licenses, and Games of Chance
  • Permits:Transfer Station 

 These are available at: 

 New Scotland Town Hall, 

 2029 New Scotland Road

 Slingerlands, NY 12159

 Phone: 518-439-4865

Freedom of Information Law Requests

Vendor Permits - required for door-to-door solicitation