Recreational Pathways Map

The Village of Voorheesville’s Comprehensive Plan includes a commitment to building and promoting non-motorized pathways. Through a grant from the Northeast Wellness and Fitness Initiative the village created the Voorheesville Recreational Pathways Map in 2022. The map facilitates the goal of developing a connected, pedestrian and bicycling friendly community.

Click the below link to connect to an interactive online map containing multiple routes one could travel upon to visit friends, a local business, or just enjoy the outdoors. Also included on the map are civic and historical points of interest. The Village Trustees encourage residents and visitors to enjoy all that Voorheesville has to offer.  Be sure to visit the new trailhead sign at the rail trail pavilion near the Helderberg-Hudson Rail Trail terminus highlighting local businesses.

Click on the below pdf file to access a printable version of the Voorheesville Recreational Pathways Map and associated information. 

Recreational Pathways Map Pamphlet