Water Service Self Check

It is important to understand that ownership of water service lines is shared between homeowners and the Village of Voorheesville.  The Village of Voorheesville owns the line from the water main under the street to the 'curb box' on your property. Customers are responsible for the line from the 'curb box' to the water meter or main shut-off valve inside your home, as well as all of your home's internal plumbing and fixtures.

NYS DOH has a video to assist homeowners to identify their SL materials. You can find the video online at NYS DOH and on YouTube.

Step 1 - Find Your Water Service

Locate the water service line coming into your home. This is typically found in the basement. An 'inlet valve' and the water meter are installed on the pipe after the entry point. You can use the NPR guide to help find and identify your side water service.

Step 2 - Identify a Test Area

Identify a test area on the pipe between the point where it comes into the residence and the inlet valve. If the pipe is covered or wrapped, expose a small area of metal.

Step 3 - Determine Pipe Material

Conduct the test by using the flat edge of a screw driver or other tool to lightly scratch the surface of the outside of the pipe. Caution - if the surface of the pipe is corroded, do not scratch through the corrosion. If you are having difficulty determining the type of pipe material, you can follow the steps from the NPR guide to help to identify your inside water service material.

Step 4 - Take a Photo

To aide the Village in documenting this effort, we would like a photo showing the pipe as it comes through the basement wall. The photo should include the piping from the wall and the water meter.

Step 5 - Submit Your Results

Once you have the result, please go to this online form and fill in the information.

This is not a requirement of the residents to perform this inspection.  We are only asking for your help if you are available to do so.