Village Tax, Water & Sewer Bills

Important Payment Information

  • As per NYS Real Property Tax Law, the Tax Collector may not accept partial payments of taxes. The Village also regulates the water and sewer bills in this same manner. Please call our office if your bills have not arrived by June 10.
  • Be aware that property owners are responsible for all Village bills and timely payment - even if they do not receive the bill in the mail.
  • As per New York State Real Property Tax Law, failure to receive a tax bill "shall not in any way affect the validity of the taxes or interest". The same policy applies with water and sewer bills. 
  • Penalties cannot be waived by a village official if payment is not made in a timely manner. Postmark is accepted as a payment date, but please be aware that bills sent via “auto pay” systems do not always contain a postmark.
  • Villages are not authorized to “forgive” delinquent charges or penalties. Per the state constitution, this would be considered a gift of public funds. Please do not ask us to waive a late penalty.
  • The Collecting Officer is personally responsible for proper collections and all records are audited by state examiners, there is no discretion in this matter.
  1. Village Tax
  2. Water Bills
  3. Sewer Bills

Village property taxes are billed on June 1 of each year and due without penalty by June 30. 

Be aware of these dates even if your taxes are held in escrow and paid by a bank. Any bills that remain unpaid on November 1 will be sent to the county and will appear on your Town of New Scotland tax bill in January, along with additional penalties.

If taxes are held by a mortgage or escrow company, the property owner should be sure the proper information is given to the tax collector.